RKM 740 - New High-rise Building in Duesseldorf


RKM 740, New High-rise Building, Duesseldorf, Germany, We are proud to announce our winning the RKM740 competition for a new high-rise building in Duesseldorf, Germany. Design development already began in late 2013, and completion is scheduled in 2017. Invited competition 2012, 1st Prize, Project: 2013 - 2017, Completion: 2017   More about RKM 740...  02/12/2014

J. MAYER H. at MIPIM 2014

MIPIM 2014, 11-14 March, Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, Cannes, France, Excerpt from the Announcement: Where in this year 20 German architects and accompanying firms present their outstanding skills. On behalf of the German exhibitors, the Federal Ministry of EconomicAffairs and Energy (BMWi), the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA) and the Federal Chamber of German Architects (Bundesarchitektenkammer e.V.) you are cordially invited to visit the German Pavilion at the MIPIM, which is the most important and most exclusive trade fair for international real estate. http://www.mipim.german-pavilion.com/content/en/home/home.php  04.02.2014

Mies Van Der Rohe Preis 1988 - 2013

Mies Van Der Rohe Preis 1988 - 2013

Metropol Parasol exhibitioned at DAM - Deutsches Architekturmuseum - The exhibition shows the final prizewinners, the winner of "Emerging Architects Special Mention" and the finalists and 34 projects that made it on the shorltist. Metropol Parasol was finalist in 2013 - Exhibition Opening, Friday 7th February 2014, 7PM, DAM, Schaumannkai 43, 60596 Frankfurt, Germany -   17.01.2014

J. MAYER H. - Innovations @ Domotex - Stylepark AG


THE INNOVATIONS@DOMOTEX SPACE AT STYLEPARK - Showing the essence of floor coverings 2014 Saturday January 11th marked the Opening of Domotex Fair at Hannover. The Design for the Innovations at Hall 6 and 17 were designed by J. MAYER H. and recived great audience. Event: Innovations @ Domotex, Hall 6 and 17, Date: 11. – 14th of January 2014, Client: Messe AG Hannover, Initiated by Stylepark AG    13.01.2014

  More about Domotex....



J. MAYER H. would like to thank all of our partners and friends for the successful collaborations and a fantastic 2013. It was an eventful year, during which we were able to realize many national and international projects with great enthusiasm. We will be carrying this momentum into the next year and are looking forward to many more successful collaborations. In January 2014, Andre Santer and Hans Schneider will be joining the firm as partners. As of 2014, we will be operating under the name "J. MAYER H. und Partner, Architekten."  19.12.2013

J. MAYER H. - Domotex 2014

Design for Domotex Fair in Hannover

J. MAYER H. supported by Stylepark AG is realizing in January 2014 the presentation of "Innovations at Domotex Fair" in Hannover.     18.12.2013

  More about Domotex...

J. MAYER H. - cinqpoints - architecture game

cinqpoints - Metropol Parasol Card Game

Iconic architecture card game - built all over the world by the greatest contemporary architectural icons, those projects are set into seven groups such as events, house, tower, culture, religion, housing, museum. Iconic is an invitation to discover contemporary architecture through a well-known game. it has been developped from projects selected for their diversity, architectural, technical and cultural aspects but also for their propensity to be easily identified. http://www.cinqpoints.com/en/product/iconic/  12.12.2013


cinqpoints - Metropol Parasol Memory Card

Architecture memory game is a special card game which stimulates mind and memory. To win, you have to observe and remember worldwide architectural masterpieces. - http://www.cinqpoints.com/en/product/identic/  12.12.2013


PIPAPO - Sculpture for Art Basel Miami Beach 2013

PIPAPO - a data protection pattern camouflage based design will be shown in cooperation with Galerie EIGEN + ART at Art Basel Miami Beach 2013. The project was realized by the support of Caesarstone. The work is based on Mayer H.’s long standing investigation, both in architecture and art, of data protection patterns found, for example, on the inside of envelopes sent by government agencies and banks. Their extremely dense optical pattern aims to protect the personal content of letters from indiscretion and to make . Dates: December 5 – 8, 2013 Location: Art Basel, Miami Beach, Booth G07,     28.11.2013

  More about Pipapo...


J. MAYER H @ Exhibition at Florian Christopher Seedorf’s Apartment , Zürich

November 17, 2013 – January 12, 2014, florian christopher, Gotthelfstrasse 37, Zürich, Switzerland, Vernissage on November 17, 15:00 – 20:00, http://www.florianchristopher.com, Curator: Carson Chan, Assistant Curator: Marie Egger, The Twelve Days of Christmas, a popular eighteenth century English Christmas carol is essentially a song about the accumulation of goods. In the song, the twelve days between Christmas day and the eve of Epiphany on the fifth of January are sequentially marked off by a tally of new gifts, increasing in amount as the days progress with each verse.   11/18/2013

J. MAYER H. - Metropol Parasol - SAM - Luginsland

Metropol Parasol @ SAM - Luginsland

LOOKOUT. ARCHITECTURE WITH A VIEW - With the exhibition ‘Lookout. Architecture with a view’ an entire exhibition is dedicated to Lookout Architecture for the first time. Lookout Architecture- a building category that emerged during the touristic allotment of the countryside in the 19th century– has become more popular in different countries and continents over the last few years. 09.11.2013 - 09.02.2014 - S AM SWISS ARCHITECTURE MUSEUM - STEINENBERG 7, POSTFACH 911, CH-4001 BASEL - OPENING HOURS TUE/WED/FRI 11-18 H / THU 11-20:30 H, SAT/SUN 11-17 H,   11/11/2013

J. MAYER H. - Das Muster, das verbindet

Data-Protection Pattern @ Kunsthalle Lingen

Das Muster, das verbindet - 2. November 2013 bis 12. Januar 2014, Muster verdanken ihre Existenz der Weitergabe von Generation zu Generation. Muster legen Zeugnis ab von lokal verbreiteten Kulturtechniken, und sie entfalten eine spezifische Form der Narrativität. Da sie ein Modell anonymer und kollektiver Produktivität darstellen und Angebote zur nicht-sprachlichen Kommunikation unterbreiten, sind Muster gegenwärtig für viele Künstler und Designer ein relevantes Arbeits- und Forschungsfeld. So ist festzustellen, dass Künstlerinnen und Künstler, Designerinnen und Designer und Architektinnen und Architekten ihren Werken im Rückgriff auf Muster Lokalkolorit verleihen, zugleich aber darauf vertrauen können, dass sich diese nicht-sprachbasierten, dem Dekor nahe stehenden Werke reibungslos in globale Distributionskontexte überführen lassen. http://www.kunsthalle-lingen.de - Di bis Fr 10 bis 17 Uhr, Do 7.11. und 5.12.2013 10 bis 23 Uhr, Sa So 11 bis 17 Uhr  11/07/2013

Designmeile Berlin J. MAYER H. - Arup


Exhibition of J. MAYER H. projects with ARUP at Design Meile Berlin  17.10.2013

International Symposium - ANCB, Aedes Network Campus Berlin

International Symposium by HS Wismar and UTS Sydney at ANCB The Metropolitan Laboratory, Dates: Tuesday 1st October - Wednesday 2nd October 2013, Venue: ANCB The Metropolitan Laboratory, Christinenstr. 18-19 (Pfefferberg), 10119 Berlin, 2nd October, 6.00 pm, KEYNOTE 3 , Mobiversum Christoph Emenlauer/Jürgen Mayer H., Germany  09/30/2013


September 13th, 2013 marks the opening of "Court of Justice" in Hasselt, designed by the architects team of J. MAYER H. Architects, a2o-architecten and Lensºass architecten. After finishing the exterior skin already in 2011, the interior was completed in spring of 2013. The new court of justice is an open, transparent building with direct public access, combining the Court of Justice with a university library and auditoriums for the faculty of law. In keeping with the building's logistical requirements and safety provisions, the structure is divided into three separate units: courtrooms, the library for students and an office tower with a 64-meters-high panorama restaurant on top from which offers a panoramic view of the city of Hasselt and its surroundings.    13.09.2013

  More about Court of Justice...

J. MAYER H. - Masterplan Astana World Expo 2017

Kazakhstan’s Astana World Expo 2017

J. MAYER H.'s competition entry published for Astana World Expo 2017. It's one step closer to finding the best design for the International Specialized Exposition (EXPO) 2017 exhibition site in Astana, Kazakhstan— the country's first world fair. The winner will be announced in September. For more information please check out: http://archinect.com/news/article/80399280/kazakhstan-s-astana-world-expo-2017-competition-attracts-big-international-names  08/28/2013

RSTOO - Product


The only ball that tells you what sports its intended for. Football version available for purists. Juergen's Soccer Ball, guaranteed not to sell well in the European markets. ABOUT RSTOO, 2 Bond Street, New York, New York 10012, ph. 212 353 3370, http://rstoo.com/product/ass-ball/  25.07.2013



Just in case you forget what sport you're playing, you simply look down at the ball to be reminded. ABOUT RSTOO, 2 Bond Street, New York, New York 10012, ph. 212 353 3370, http://rstoo.com/product/ass-ball/  25.07.2013



Asymetry is in. Tell your friends. Or better yet, buy this ball and kick it around with your friends while you talk about how cool it is to play with a Juergen-designed asymetrically patterned soccer ball. ABOUT RSTOO, 2 Bond Street, New York, New York 10012, ph. 212 353 3370, http://rstoo.com/product/ass-ball/  25.07.2013


Kick ass. Literally.Juergen's Ass-ball was specifically designed to serve as a reminder of where to aim when kicking. ABOUT RSTOO, 2 Bond Street, New York, New York 10012, ph. 212 353 3370, http://rstoo.com/product/ass-ball/  25.07.2013



J. MAYER H. Architects' project "FOM UNIVERSITY" to be shown at Group Show "Cut 'n' Paste": From Architectural Assemblage to Collage City, July 10–December 1, 2013, The ethos of collage shapes every aspect of contemporary culture, from the glut of signs and images to the many layers of digital information to the art of sampling. This installation revisits early uses of collage to trace its evolution as both an aesthetic technique central to architectural representation and a cultural practice of layering, juxtaposition, and remix that configures the city. Organized by Pedro Gadanho, Curator, and Phoebe Springstubb, Curatorial Assistant, Department of Architecture and Design.   More about FOM Education Centre...  07/10/2013

Pencil drawings by Juergen Mayer H. - On Paper - Eigen + Art Lab


J. MAYER H. - Lecture

Juergen Mayer h. @ SAC Lecture Series

JUNE 20 - 19:00 - STÄDELSCHULE HALLE, Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste - Städelschule Dürerstrasse 10, 60596 Frankfurt   19.06.2013

J. MAYER H. - Kultur:Stadt - Kunsthaus Graz

Metropol Parasol @ Kunsthaus Graz

Kultur:Stadt - Kulturbauten von Bilbao bis Zeche Zollverein - 27.06.2013, 18:00 Uhr, Ausstellung "Kultur:Stadt", Eine Ausstellung der Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Kurator: Matthias Sauerbruch (Berlin) Co-Kuratoren: Wulf Walter Boettger, Caroline Wolf, Laufzeit: 28.06.2013-13.10.2013 - Die Ausstellung Kultur:Stadt vermittelt durch die Präsentation von Architekturmodellen, Plänen, Filmen und Fotos, inwiefern diese Bauwerke und kulturelle Projekte die Entwicklung einer urbanen Gesellschaft beeinflussen.   17.06.2013

Culture:City - Cultural Buildings from Bilbao to Zeche Zollverein - 27.06.2013, 06:00 PM , Exhibition "Kultur:Stadt", In collaboration with the Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Curator: Matthias Sauerbruch (Berlin) Co-curators: Wulf Walter Boettger, Caroline Wolf, Duration: 28.06.2013-13.10.2013, By presenting architectural models, plans, films and photographs the exhibition Kultur:Stadt conveys to what extent these buildings and cultural projects influence the development of an urban society. Kunsthaus Graz  06/17/2013

Offices by Chris van Uffelen

From the announcement: "The expectations and demands on office buildings and workspaces have increased in the course of the 21st century digital revolution. The book presents an exciting mix of the works of well-established architectural firms as well as promising newcomers". On the cover: J. MAYER H. with "Sarpi Border Checkpoint, Georgia". www.braun-publishing.ch  10.06.2013

Juergen Mayer H. @ The Getty Conservation Institute

Minding the Gap: The Role of Contemporary Architecture in the Historic Environment, A One-Day Symposium, May 21, 2013, 9:00 am–8:30 pm, Harold M. Williams Auditorium. The Getty Center, Los Angeles, Lecture by Juergen Mayer H., J. MAYER H. Architects, 2:00 pm Presentation of Work, Heritage conservation is about managing change—and nowhere is this more contentious than in the historic urban environment. How do today's architects insert new buildings in cherished historic urban areas in a way that respects, reveals, and celebrates their special character while potentially creating the heritage of tomorrow?  06.05.2013

DVM Tagung 2013 - Audi Urban Future Award - Juergen Mayer H.

Juergen Mayer H. @ DVM 2013

Juergen Mayer H. helds a lecture about "Mobility of the Future", based on the Study for "Audi Urban Future Award" in 2010. Date: 25.04.2013, Location: BAM, Unter den Eichen 87, 12205 Berlin-Lichterfelde, 4.30 pm - 5.15 pm. Registration for DVM is needed.  24.04.2013

J. MAYER H. - EIGEN+ART Lab - BLACK.SEE - Photo Uwe Walter



Jürgen Mayer H., BLACK.SEE: 09.04. - 25.05. 2013, Opening at EIGEN+ART Lab April 9th, 5pm - 9 pm, Auguststrasse 11-13, 10117 Berlin.  More about BLACK.SEE....  04/09/2013

J. MAYER H. - OLS HOUSE - Photo David Franck



The new house is on a plot of land near Stuttgart, on a hillside with a generous view of the valley. The new, 4-person family home is divided into an elevated ground floor and a second floor with an open, flowing floor plan containing the living, dining and kitchen areas. Full-height glazing provides a free view of the valley and terrace looking over the garden area. - Photos David Franck  More about OLS HOUSE....  04/03/2013


Städelschule Frankfurt, Germany, lecture, June 20th 2013  26.03.2013


La Hulpe, Belgium, June 5th  26.03.2013


"Achtung: Berlin", Conference, New Heaven, USA, Feb 14th-16th 2013  26.03.2013

J. MAYER H. - A+ Architizer


Our Rest Stops Projects received the A+ Architizer Award by Popular Choice 2013. A total of 87 buildings won the Jury and Popular votes for each of the Award’s 52 Typology and Plus categories. Instead of celebrating one architect and making architecture into something rarefied and arcane (ahem), the A+ Awards celebrate the diversity of the world’s architecture. Transportation Winners: Bus/Tram Station………….. Jury Choice: McBride Charles Ryan - The Yardmasters Building ...........Popular Choice: J. MAYER H. Architects - Rest Stops, Gori, Georgia  03/20/2013

J. MAYER H. - Akademie der Künste Berlin

METROPOL PARASOL Modell @ Kultur:Stadt

Kultur:Stadt- 15. März – 26. Mai 2013 - dienstags bis sonntags 11–19 Uhr - Eintritt: 8 /5 € - bis 18 Jahre und am 1. Sonntag im Monat Eintritt frei - Veranstaltungsort Akademie der Künste Hanseatenweg 10, 10557 Berlin - S Bellevue, U Hansaplatz, Bus 106 Tel: 030 200 57-2000, info@adk.de www.facebook.com/akademiederkuenste - www.adk.de/kulturstadt - Weitere Station der Ausstellung: Kunsthaus Graz, 27.6.–13.10.2013Eine Ausstellung der Akademie der Künste, Berlin  15.03.2013


Thursday March 14th, 11.15 am, Architecture and Responsible Innovation, Palais des Festival, Cannes France, with Jürgen Mayer H., Caroline Barat, Kengo Kuma, Ishan Murat Tabanlioglu, More Information at http://www.mipim.com/en/the-event/  14.03.2013

JUERGEN MAYER H. - Lecture @ Princeton SoA

Wednesday around 5 p.m. in Betts Auditorium - School of Architecture, Princeton University - Princeton, NJ 08544 – (609) 258-5904 - USA - 12/13 LECTURE SERIES: WHAT I DID NEXT — PRINCETON'S ALTERNATIVE ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES - During the academic year 2012/13 Princeton SoA will stage a series of public conversations around alternative practices in architecture through the work of 85 distinguished alumni from the last 25 years. At a moment when the profession is going through some important questions on a global scale, we will explore the broad range of practices of our recent alumni that spin from or gravitate around architecture, seeking alternatives to the established forms of architectural practice. We will highlight Princeton's commitment to experimental work at the edge of the discipline, and on our alumni's engagement with a wide range of contemporary practices to outline propositions for alternative forms of practice. - www.princeton.edu   06.03.2013

J. MAYER H. - JOH3 - DA! Architektur aus Berlin - Architektenkammer Berlin - Ludger Paffrath

DA! Architektur in und aus Berlin - JOH3

JOH3, Berlin Johannisstrasse wird präsentiert bei: "da! Architektur in und aus Berlin". die Ausstellung stellt 64 Projekte von Mitgliedern der Architektenkammer Berlin vor, die zwischen Sommer 2011 und Sommer 2012 in Berlin, Deutschland und Europa fertiggestellt wurden. Ausstellungseröffnung 1. März 2013 - 20 Uhr "da! Architektur in und aus Berlin" - Michael Müller, Senator für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt, Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Meier-Hartmann, Präsident, Dr. Sylvia Nielius, stilwerk Center-Managerin, Ausstellungen: 01. März bis 23. März 2013, Eintritt frei. Ort: stilwerk Berlin, Kantstraße 17, 10623 Berlin - Öffnungszeiten: Montag bis Samstag von 8 bis 22 Uhr, Sonntag von 11 bis 22 Uhr   Mehr zu JOH3...  28.02.2013

Our project JOH3 in Berlin is part of the exhibition: "da! Architektur in und aus Berlin". The exhibition shows a selection of 64 projects realized by Berlin based Architect between 2011 - 2012. Opening: March 1st 2013, 8pm, Location: stilwerk Berlin, Kantstraße 17, 10623 Berlin, Opening hours: Mo - Sat, 8 am - 10pm, Sunday 11 am - 10 pm.  More about JOH3...  02/28/2013



Die Tank- und Raststättem in Georgien sind ausgewählte Finalisten des Architzer A+ Awards in der Kategorie Bus & Train. Bitte unterstützt uns hier und stimmt für unser Projekt: http://awards.architizer.com/public/voting/?cid=16/  Mehr zu Rest Stops...  15.02.2013

Rest Stops, Georgia has been selected as a Finalist in the Architizer A+ Awards for the Bus & Train Stations category - PLease vote for our project: http://awards.architizer.com/public/voting/?cid=16/  More about Rest Stops...  02/15/2013

Yale University of Architecture - Lecture - Juergen Mayer H.


“Could, Should, Would”, Vortrag von Juergen Mayer H., Teil der Nachmittagsveranstaltung, 14.30h, Sonnabend, 16. Februar, Yale School of Architecture - Das Symposium ist frei, um Anmeldung wird gebeten: Bitte registrieren unter www.architecture.yale.edu/symposia oder telefonisch: 203.432.8621. Mehr Information über ACHTUNG BERLIN http://www.architecture.yale.edu/drupal/  15.02.2013

“Could, Should, Would”, Lecture by Juergen Mayer H., Part of the Afternoon Session, 2:30 PM, Saturday, February 16, Yale School of Architecture - This symposium is free, but reservations are required prior to February 1, 2013. You may register online at www.architecture.yale.edu/symposia or by phone at 203.432.8621. More Information about ACHTUNG BERLIN http://www.architecture.yale.edu/drupal/  02/15/2013

Metropol Parasol, J. MAYER H.


Die Europäische Kommission und die Stiftung Mies van der Rohe haben die fünf Finalisten bekanntgegeben, die um den Preis der Europäischen Union für zeitgenössische Architektur/Mies-van-der-Rohe-Preis 2013 konkurrieren. Insgesamt 335 Werke in den 37 Teilnehmerländern des EU-Programms „Kultur“ waren für die Auszeichnung nominiert. Eine Jury von Fachleuten erstellte die endgültige Auswahlliste. Die Gewinner des Preises und des Sonderpreises für junge Architektinnen und Architekten werden im Mai bekanntgegeben. Die Preisverleihung findet am 6. Juni im Mies-van-der-Rohe-Pavillon in Barcelona (Spanien) statt.  Mehr über Metropol Parasol..  10.02.2013

The European Commission and the Fundació Mies van der Rohe have announced the five finalists who will compete for the 2013 European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award. In total, 335 works in 37 European countries were nominated for the award. An expert jury drew up the final shortlist. The overall winner of the Prize, as well as the 'special mention' award for best emerging architect, will be announced in May, with an award ceremony on 6 June at the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion in Barcelona, Spain. To find out more visit http://www.miesarch.com/ and http://www.facebook.com/pages/EU-Prize-for-Contemporary-Architecture-Mies-van-der-Rohe-Award/294138800697929  More about Metropol Parasol...  02/10/2013

Juergen Mayer H.  - Berlinale - Talent Campus 2013

Juergen Mayer H. @ Berlinale Talent Campus 2013

Building new worlds and integrating them in film will be a recurrent theme at this year’s Campus: Architect Juergen Mayer H. joins a panel on “worldbuilding” which features high-profile designers James D. Bissell (300, Berlinale 2007), Alex McDowell (MINORITY REPORT) and Habib Zargarpour (THE BOURNE IDENTITY), and emerging African filmmakers Tosh Gitonga (NAIROBI HALF LIFE) and Philippe Lacôte (THE RUNNER) join a panel on depicting African mega-cities in a new wave of films. - Sunday, February 10, 2013 from 2:00 - 3:30pm at HAU2, Berlin, Germany - More Information about "Berlinale Talent Campus" http://www.berlinale-talentcampus.de//  02/08/2013

J. MAYER H. - Lecture - IDS Toronto 2013

JUERGEN MAYER H. - Lecture @ Interior Design Show Toronto

Come see Jürgen Mayer H. speak on Trade Day at IDS13, Lecture Title: PEOPLE. PRODUCT. PLACE. - More information about IDS 2013 and schedule visit http://www.interiordesignshow.com/  01/22/2013

J. MAYER H. - Lecture - Haute Innovation

JUERGEN MAYER H. - Lecture @ DAZ Berlin

Intelligente Materie – Funktionswerkstoffe und smarte Oberflächen für Design und Produktentwicklung - 2. Abendevent der TSB Veranstaltungsreihe zu intelligenten Oberflächen - 23. Januar 2013, 18:00 - 21:00, Berlin, Ort: Deutsches Architektur Zentrum DAZ, Berlin - Veranstalter: TSB Technologiestiftung Berlin - Programmentwicklung und Organisation: Dr. Sascha Peters - Verbindliche Anmeldung per Email bitte an: info@haute-innovation.com, Mehr Information zu "Haute Innovation" http://www.haute-innovation.com//  21.01.2013

LECTURE: JUERGEN MAYER H. - January 23rd, 2013, 6pm - 9pm, Berlin - Location: Deutsches Architektur Zentrum DAZ, Berlin - Invited by: TSB Technologiestiftung Berlin - Organized by: Dr. Sascha Peters - RSVP: info@haute-innovation.com - More information about "Haute Innovation" http://www.haute-innovation.com//  01/21/2013


ECOPIA - Intelligent Building, Sustainable Living

Part 2: Modern Culture Temples - 19.12.2012 DW im Focus - Metropol parasol - The World's Largest Wooden Structure: The "Metropol Parasol" Commerical- And Cultural Center In Seville, Spain, Almost every country sets great store by galleries and venues for cultural events. They are important competitive factors in the international tourism market. Their architecture is meant to be attractive and imaginative, and sustainability is becoming increasingly important as well. This report presents innovative building projects from three countries: Saudi Arabia is renovating an old national library building to make it more ecological; China will use seawater to cool a new opera house; and a new museum and community center in the Spanish city of Seville is the world’s largest wooden structure.  01/16/2013

Juergen Mayer H. - Ingolstadt

VISIONENWERKSTATT - Ingolstadt - Juergen Mayer H.

Auszug aus dem Donaukurier 14/01/2013, "Faible für abgerundete Ecken - Ingolstadt Ingolstadt (DK) Wie leben und bewegen wir uns 2030? Autos, Menschen und Gebäude werden ständig Daten austauschen. Das Auto erkennt die Wege durch Verkehrsleitsysteme. Ampeln und Verkehrsschilder werden abgeschafft, statt mehrspuriger Fahrbahnen gibt es nur noch einspurige, der gewonnene Platz kann für mehr Grün, für die Menschen genutzt werden. Es war eine viel beachtete Auftaktveranstaltung zur Reihe „Visionenwerkstatt“ des Stadttheaters. In Kooperation mit Audi und dem Referat für Stadtentwicklung und Baurecht der Stadt." Zum Artikel: Donaukurier   14.01.2013

Digital Sublime - TU Berlin

JUERGEN MAYER H. - Lecture @ TU Berlin

Lecture Date: January 16th, Time: 4.45 pm, Conference: Effect und Affect. Architecture and the Digital Sublime, On January 15-16, 2013 the international conference "Effect and Affect. Architecture and the Digital‑Sublime" will take place at the Faculty of Architecture at the TU-Berlin. The conference Effect and Affect. Architecture and The Digital Sublime invites distinguished architects and designers as well as architectural theoretician and historians from the United States, France, Switzerland and Germany to discuss these questions in an open and inspiring atmosphere. The conference will take place on January 15–16, 2013 at the Institute for Architecture of the Berlin Institute of Technology. It was conceived by Prof. Jörg H. Gleiter, and has been organized by the department of architectural theory. - More information about Digital Sublime Conference http://www.digitalsublime.de  01/13/2013



Less than half a year to go until the opening of the Court of Justice, Hasselt Update from the construction-site: Spring 2013 marks the opening of "Court of Justice" in Hasselt, designed by teams of architects at J. MAYER H. Architects, a2o-architecten and Lensºass architecten. Having finished all façade works in 2011, the interior is now under construction and due to be completed in early 2013. A look at the site gives an impressive picture of the final dimension and appearance of the high-rise complex.   More about the Court of Justice....  12/14/2012

Christmas - Metropol Parasol

Christmas Market

Visit the amazing Christmas Market at Metropol Parasol in Seville, Spain.  12.12.2012

TU DELFT - Designers of the Future lecture: Jürgen Mayer H.

27 November 2012 | 17:00 - location: BK City, Zaal A - The TU Delft Architecture faculty and the Wouter Mikmak Foundation have invited one of today’s influential and visionary architects – Jürgen Mayer H. - to the Netherlands for the Designers of the Future lecture series to be held on 27 November 2012. The lecture is entitled 'Could Would Should'. Jürgen Mayer H.’s practice is engaged in both research and architecture and is interested in articulating the contemporary public realm, including the use and meaning of new media. Programme: 17.00, Welcome 17.30, Lecture by Jurgen Mayer H.: 'Could Would Should' 18.30, Reaction by Martijn de Waal, 19.15 Drinks, For registration please visit www.designersofthefuture.nl  11/27/2012

FINALIST @ The European Prize for Urban Public Space

The European Prize for Urban Public Space was established in 2000 in order to highlight the importance of architecture and urban planning in the creation of more inclusive and more democratic cities. "In Favour of Public Space" is an exhibition showing the award-winning works of the 2012 Prize. J. MAYER H.'s Project "Metropol Parasol" was one of the finalists for the Award and will be shown at the exhibition. The exhibition is on show now at the Centro de Desarrollo Cultural de Moravia (Moravia Cultural Development Centre) of Medellín until 30 Novembre 2012. For more information about the prize, the winning projects and upcoming venues for the exhibition in Mexico, Argentina, Slovenia and Czech Republic, please check out: www.publicspace.org   11/27/2012