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HOTSPOT WONDERLAND - Landmark Towers, Wuijing, China

J. MAYER H. und Partner, Architekten

Partner in Charge: Jürgen Mayer H.
Competition Team: Mehrdad Mashaie, Mi Na Bae

International competition: Wonderland, China East Lake Tai-International Public Art Competition, 2015, Finalist

Organization: Wujiang East Lake Tai Ecological Tourism Resort Management Committee, Beijing Hui Shide counseling centers, di Design magazine

The Wujiang East Lake Tai Ecological Resort will become a place for Health, Carefree and Delight. The relationship to water is a major factor in the experience of the new waterfront. Nature and architecture are fusing into a hotspot for tourists and locals alike.

Landmarks: Towers as landmarks are contemporary interpretations of a traditional pagoda as a reference to history and a hommage to the future. Three conceptual themes express special relationships to plants and animals, to water and to light. Each tower offers spectacular viewing platforms on the waterfront and city. The tower will be constructed in steel with a metal mesh to create the ondulating surfaces. Projections, water features and plants on that mesh create different atmospheres. Sustainability and it´s relationship to nature are important aspects in the implementation of the landmarks.

Light Tower: The light tower changes it´s appearance from day to night. Reflections in the sun, glowing at night, projections and animations all make this tower a media event place for concerts and performances.
Water tower: The water tower is a large fountain, which displays various water features from spray to waterfalls. It is a structure to walk up, climb around and jump down. Water sports around the structure extend the experience with water into an activity zone of joy.
Green tower: The green tower is covered with plants. Flowers in different colours and small animals like butterflies will make the structure a lively sculpture where we can experience the integration of nature and construction as a fascinating.