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PIPIA.PANORAMA - Residential building in Tbilisi, Georgia

J.MAYER.H Architects
Project Architect: Jürgen Mayer H.
Project Team: Jürgen Mayer H., Dr. Paul Angelier

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia

Project: 2008-2018
Completion: 2018

Client: private

Photographer: Denis Esakov

Every home needs to balance two things: privacy and retreat versus connectivity to its environment and various degrees of openness. PIPIA.PANORAMA does both to extremes by offering an intimate, secluded area around an inner courtyard, unfolding towards one of the most prominent locations in Tbilisi. Situated at the top of the stone cliff above the former caravanserai area, the new residence sits prominently next to the President’s Palace and overlooks the newly developed Rhike Park and the historic town center of Tbilisi across the river.

The building is enveloped by a concrete shell in a state of dynamic transition to its immediate context. To the north, the building completes the neighbourhood of small scale houses. To the east, the building faces the garden of the President’s Palace and needs to negotiate views and discretion. The south of the building opens up with terraces and a skeletal structure that frames the generous panoramic view over the historic city enter. Fused into its site and sculpted around a flow of interior spaces with an open core, PIPIA.PANORAMA is a home for a multigenerational family.

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