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This project was initiated by VPRO, Hilversum
in collaboration with SKOR, foundation for art and public space
October 2000 – September 2001
Data protection pattern: J.MAYER.H

The control of information reacts to curiosity, since abuse of infomation might cause major damage. Hence„ distriibuting and covering information becomes necessary simultaneously, when the messages are send on their way. Some strategies of information control generate encoding teohniques such as covering surfaces with visual confusion to limit the accessibility of data.

inDISCRETION represents such a strategy for VPRO, a Dutch information producer distributing on TV, radio, web and print media.

inDISCRETION uses a data protection pattem that is developed out of the VPRO logo by two-directional
repetition. This pattern is an agent on surfaces involved in data transportation.

inDISCRETION at VPRO covers information and challenges data accessibility on print media as a covering and revealing surface with temperature sensitiive inc, it is an acoustic control in the building on displaced carpets„ and on the computer desktops the pattern evokes visual confusion for the passers-by.

These three interventions in different media work as initiators for further manipulations by members of VPRO – teasing the people for their curiosity and their yearn to chase the not yet disoovered.