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KÖ-BOGEN - Düsseldorf, Germany

Invited competition 2008
Client: Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf

Project Coordination: Bouwfonds MAB, Frankfurt am Main
Structural Engineers: Weiske + Partner, Berlin
Infrastructural Engineers: BSV, Aachen
Building Services: TechDesign, Frankfurt am Main
Light Engineers: Licht Kunst Licht, Berlin

Model: Shortcut Berlin

Kö-Bogen is a mixed use urban complex located at the north end of Königsallee in downtown Düsseldorf, where the shopping boulevard faces the Hofgarten park. This exclusive site connects the dense city with the park landscape. The Dreischeibenhaus and the Schauspielhaus, two post war architectural icons next to Kö-Bogen, create a unique ensemble of high architectural standards. This diversity of urban sceneries formulate a building volume that relates to the various specific urban neighbourhoods and thereby develops an identity of its own. Towards the Schadowplatz on the southside of the building, the new project follows the street facades in order to define a narrow urban space. Towards the Hofgarten in the north the buildings volume opens up and culmulates in 4 points that organically refer to the proportions of the Dreischeibenhaus and the volumetric play of the Schauspielhaus. Kö-Bogen is an urban activator for a lively city center.