J. MAYER H. Project Team: Jürgen Mayer H., Jan Stockebrand

Research project for Merten
Initiated and coordinated by Stylepark

button.buds is a new kind of switch and technical communication unit that constantly grows and modifies its form, shape, location and function. button.buds relate more to the human body of the user than to the architecture it stems from. button.buds also host body.guards, a speculative outfit that uses smart dust as a sensory device. Nearly invisible airborne particles build up a dynamic intelligent cocoon for testing, warning, spying, scouting, communicating, guarding and protection. So far only used in military technology, these nano devices will very soon expand their field of operation into most aspects of our everyday life. body.guards and button.buds will change the way we communicate, navigate, work and relax. The separation of private and public space will further blur within an environment saturated with smart dust particles and mutating units for information, comfort and controll.